Tuesday, November 12, 2013

school pictures: j edition

one of my kids is truly a photobug.

this one:

I want to climb into the picture and kiss his face. he's a doll. gah.

j is my little pumpkin. he is just the most laid back (99% of the time) little man. he is friendly and sociable and just all around a great kid. that's not to say c isn't. there is no sweeter child on the planet than c when she is being nice. none. however, when c is in a mood (be it silly, determined, mad, or sad) you'd better saddle up to a cold one because you're gonna need a drink.

the photographer doesn't know my kids from Adam. literally. and somehow this man captured my daily life without having a clue as to who he was dealing with. I think this guy might just be a psychic or genius.

so there you have it. school pictures 2013.

I can't wait to see where m's personality fits in with these two larger than life characters.

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